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ATA Series Shaft mounted Gearbox Reducer      SMR Series Shaft mounted Gearbox Reducer

ATA series shaft mounted gearbox(speed reducer) with helical hardened gears has the attributes of higher carrying potential, easy transmission, mild weight, lower CZPT consumption and so on. Input shaft of ATA pace reducer is connected with equipment motor by belt pulley, hollow output shaft is joined with a essential. It CZPT replaced by electrical drum as electrical power for belt conveyors and lifting equipments. ATA collection shaft mounted gearbox could be hooked up with back-end to stay away from the doing work machine again skating, and conveniently mounted by tie rod. ATA collection shaft mounted speed reducer is extensively utilized in the mining equipments, concrete mixing batching plant, CZPT crushers, sand creating production line and other belt conveyors, mechanical transmission regions.

Mechanical belt conveyors push system is composed of ATA shaft mounted velocity reducer, torque arm, pulleys and gear motors, whose power transmission from the equipment motor to the gearbox through the pulley, and then speed reducer passed to the push pulley through the hollow output shaft and the gearbox is mounted by torque arm, anti-slip device CZPT configured. The technique is handy to set up,use and maintain.

Mounting Sort: Tie rod Hanging shaft mounted
Output Shaft: One key hollow shaft, every design can pick 3 hollow diameter at most.
Gearbox Housing: Challenging Iron Metal, CZPT employed exterior.
Anti-slip unit: Can go well with for any product, It is very convenient to be mounted.


Stone crushers plant , Cement plant, Concrete batch mixing plant, Mining conveyors, Port transfer

conveyor, Crushing machine, etc ···



1) All gears are heat handled and fastened to attain reduced noise and higher output
2) Mounting dimensions are interchangeable with Fenner

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Equipment reducers, also named reducers, appear in several transmission types and are created to multiply torque and decrease enter velocity to a desired output pace. The main benefit of inline gearboxes is their capacity to maintain handle in apps involving substantial rotational speeds. Their effectiveness and capacity to offer large input speeds with minimum backlash make inline reducer gearboxes best for a broad selection of motion handle apps

China Standard Gear Box Export to Saudi     near me factory